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Unfinished Rustic Solid Oak Flooring


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What is Rustic Solid Oak Flooring?

Within the Rustic Solid Oak Flooring you would usually find that it would be installed into an older property such as a cottage or a barn conversion due to the  knots and general characteristics which are seen through out the boards.  The knots give the board fantastic character to see once laid, along with the grain patterns seen.  The rustic grade oak is the more popular oak sold by us.

We supply the antique Rustic grade solid oak flooring in a range of widths for you to choose from.  The widths range from a 4″ right the way through to a 9″ wide board.  The lengths of the flooring are random between 1.2 – 2.4m Lengths. The flooring is supplied with a micro bevel finish.

We manufacture this rustic solid oak flooring within in our mills situated within the UK.  The oak which is used to manufacture the flooring is American White Oak.   We supply the flooring with an Antique finish which is also hand finished by us.  The antique oak is a few shades darker than the natural unfinished oak, but shows the true beauty of the oak’s characteristics.  As you will be able to see in the image above, the antique oak stain really brings out the grain patten which is not seen as clearly when no stain is applied to the oak.  The finish we use to stain the oak is a Treatex oil.  The oil soaks into the timber which is how you can see all the natural characteristics more clearly.  As the oil soaks into the timber rather than sitting on top of the timber, it makes the maintenance much easier and also prevents the flooring from scratching or marking as easy.  This oak flooring is a very hard waring product.

Rustic Solid Oak Flooring

The delivery time scale on this flooring is around 7-14 days.

If you do require any more information at all, please don’t hesitate to contact our sales team on 0114 247 4917 who will be more than happy to help.

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