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Level Master Compound – Self Levelling


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What is Level Master Compound used for?

The level master self leveling compound is a casein-free, waterbased cementitious flooring compound that provides a level base for internal floors.

The level compound is a product which is ideal as an economical underlay for all modern floor finishes.  Note- this product is not suitable as a final wearing course.
This particular product sets hard within 2-31/2 hours depending on temperature where you are laying the level master compound.
You are ok to lay ontop of this product  6-8 hours after application, although when fitting solid oak flooring on top, you may want to leave it for a couple of days, just to make sure the compound has fully dried out and that no moisture will get into the oak flooring when laid.
Pre-blended requiring only the additional of water – instructions are on the box of how much water you do need to add.
This is a very economical way of laying a sub floor.
This product can be trowelled to a feather edge when laying.
This particular product is also supplied in a gray colour

The level compound is available in a 10kg bag or a 20kg.

If you require further information, please contact the sales team on 0114 247 4917


Level Master Compound

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